About us

We are architecture admirers who love beautiful creations all over the world. The team of architectureadmirers.com is made of three relatives all teachers. Betty is one of the writers, she is elementary school teacher that mostly writes about decorations, homes, tips, gardens or all more soft sides of homing. Vlatko is writer too, he is English teacher and he is more into interviews, software tools for architects, classic style buildings and similar. And Tose has the leading role of our team- occupies the field of commercial, communication and strategy maker to our blog. He is computer science teacher and he is the real passionate lover of all futuristic designs, building innovations and architecture creations.

We love to present our opinion about everything that would make you more happier in YOUR home, in YOUR place in YOUR neighborhood. ¬†World’s greatest architecture, construction and home achievements we’ll make more approachable here and more available for all our readers. We’ll bring more ideas to you and help you find the best of your dream home- YOUR HOME !

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