AI spacefactory reveals rentable mars habitat designed for off-grid living on earth

AI spacefactory — the architects behind the NASA–award-winning mars habitat — is now launching ‘TERA’, a space-tech habitat designed for off-grid living on earth. designed to be a ‘B&B unlike any other’, ‘TERA’ will be a high-tech, luxe eco-home nestled in the woods of upstate new york with sweeping views of the hudson river. ‘we realized the materials and technology we developed for long-term missions on mars had the potential to be leaps and bounds more sustainable than conventional construction on earth,’ said david malott, AI spacefactory’s CEO and chief architect. ‘TERA will challenge everything we know about architecture and construction. it could transform the way we build on earth – maybe even save our planet.’


the property is now accepting limited pre-bookings for nightly stays starting march 2020 on indiegogo.





developed from the same designs and 3D printing technologies behind the AI spacefactory’s NASA-award-winning ‘MARSHA’ mars habitat, ‘TERA’ is designed to be minimally invasive to its surrounding environment. it can be broken down, recycled and re-printed elsewhere, without leaving any trace. the ‘multi-planetary architectural and technology design agency’ hopes to curb the massive footprint of conventional building practices that rely on energy-and waste-intensive materials. in its realization, AI spacefactory will use recyclable, biodegradable, plant-based materials tested by NASA, which have been found to be up to three times as strong as concrete.

all images courtesy of AI spacefactory and plomp



‘TERA’ will be 3D printed on-site and retro-fitted with the most advanced technological and eco-friendly products, emphasizing the beauty of its natural environment. ‘astronauts often talk about gaining a profound appreciation of earth when they look back at our planet from space, but we shouldn’t have to leave our home in order to reach that realization,’ explains sima shahverdi, AI spacefactory lead designer, ‘the entire experience of TERA – from the design to the off-grid lifestyle – was crafted with this in mind.’


the high-tech, luxe, green eco-home will be available on a nightly basis for those wanting a glimpse into the future of sustainable life on — and beyond — our earth.



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architects: AI spacefactory

project: TERA

bookings: indiegogo

visualizations: AI spacefactory and plomp

nina azzarello I designboom

sep 02, 2019