club traube offers connoisseurs a minimalist space to collect wine

connoisseurs can now collect and sample wine within the comfort of stuttgart’s new viDeli headquarters. the project, which opened in february 2019 and is programmed primarily as an event space, serves as the chief logistics point for viDeli online and weinimport wholesale. founders sabine harms and oliver schmid worked in close collaboration with hippmann architekten and projekttriangle design studio to design the precast concrete building. based in stuttgart’s historic meatpacking district — situated between a car dealer, metro tracks, and the city’s gas fired boilers — the challenging site meant that construction relied upon prefabricated components.

club traube viDeli
images by brigida gonzález



harms + schmidt, together with hippmann architekten and projekttriangle curated the minimalist environment by reducing the building to its fundamental geometries, materials and functions. oliver schmid of wine merchant viDeli elaborates: ‘everything is openly visible. nothing distracts from the essential. we wanted to create a living and working space that depicts our operations optimally and in which we all feel at ease. after all, we’re spending the majority of our time here.’

club traube viDeli



carefully curated lines of sight offer views into interior spaces that would otherwise be hidden, generating scattered perspectives throughout the offices, warehouse, and packaging station. seemingly arbitrarily arranged punch-windows create panoramic postcard views outward toward the surrounding landscape. to the interior, the concrete building contrasts brass, oak, and black detailing. within the headquarters is the club traube events space, organized adjacent to the 800 square meter wine stock and open-plan office. sabine harms continues: ‘club traube is the heart of our company. it’s the space where we meet, ponder, taste wines, have fun, welcome guests, celebrate and host events. a suburban event location that we use ourselves and also hire out.’

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project info:


project title: club traube

architects: sabine harms, oliver schmid, hippmann architekten, projekttriangle

location: stuttgart, germany

program: viDeli online headquarters, event space

completion: february 2019

photography: brigida gonzález