herzog & de meuron plans new building for university hospital of basel

herzog & de meuron, working alongside rapp architekten, has been selected to complete a new hospital building in basel, switzerland. the design comprises a 12-storey, 68-meter-tall structure, which sits on top of a more horizontally oriented three- to four-storey base. a kidney-shaped pavilion is also included. with a gross floor area of 50,000 square meters (538,195 sqf), the new structures will house the hospital’s outpatient tumor and nephrology centers, as well as a host of new laboratories.

herzog de meuron basel university hospital
a 12-storey structure sits on top of a three- to four-storey pedestal
image © herzog & de meuron (also main image)



the project, titled ‘perimeter B’, expands the existing campus of universitätsspital basel — the university hospital of basel. broadly speaking, the plans hope to increase efficiency, simplify the work of employees, and shorten waiting times for patients. the scheme by herzog & de meuron and rapp architekten seeks to make a strong contribution to the site’s existing urban fabric, while ensuring that the design offers a high degree of flexibility.

herzog de meuron basel university hospital
the hospital’s garden remains the site’s focal point
image © herzog & de meuron



by dividing the hospital program among three structures, the design team was able to reference the scale and atmosphere of the surrounding urban environment as well as the hospital’s existing garden. the architects sought to keep this green space, which is used by the public, as the site’s focal point. the horizontal four-storey building wraps around the garden, ensuring light and air, without overpowering it. meanwhile, a planted roof terrace offers views across the site.

herzog de meuron basel university hospital
the scale of the building aligns itself with the site’s existent urban fabric
image © herzog & de meuron

herzog de meuron basel university hospital
the plans hope to simplify the work of employees, while shortening waiting times for patients
image © herzog & de meuron



project info:


architecture and urbanism: herzog & de meuron
general planning / overall management: rapp architekten
hospital operations planning: teamplan GmbH
landscape architecture: vogt landschaftsarchitekten
location: basel, switzerland
client: universitätsspital basel

philip stevens I designboom

may 08, 2019