penda china designs pink caves of beauty for narcisse salons in beijing

focusing on health, elegance and long-lasting charm as well as skin-deep beauty, penda china has renovated five stores of beijing-based high-end skincare brand ecnesse. the project built upon the desire for a professional and aesthetically pleasing space that provides all-round beauty care for its guests. as such, the result expresses a modern interpretation of the fundamental principles of well-being and personal comfort, most especially that of shelter.

all images courtesy of penda china by xia zhi



as ecnesse’s stores where originally designed as commercial spaces, they offered poor daylight. this not only led to ingenious, detailed solutions but also a complete remodel of the stores’ spatial designs. penda china’s new design gave rational organization to spaces and functions, and connected multi-purpose spaces together. they now define simple, transparent and bright spaces that are cheerful as well as.



to create a sense of belonging and safety for the guests, their design concept was originally inspired by caves – the earliest shelter for human beings. to start with, guests will notice the continuous curvy lines of the ceilings when lying down. this is instead of the conventional yet tiresome plain white-squared ceilings. mirrors further enrich the space by enhancing light and reflections to create a multi-layered environment.



to further break away from the traditional concept of white spaces in beauty salons, penda china’s design embraces pink across its walls, architectural fittings and more. the color naturally evokes a sense of safety and belonging, and defines an atmosphere that is relaxing for guests, even those who might stay for an extended period of time. the stores are consistent in their branding, from the logo through to their aesthetics.











project info:


project title: shui xian high-end chain store brand

location: beijing, china

project size: 300-500m²

architects: penda china

designers: sun dayong, wan shuyan

project team: zhang yi, zhu yue

photographer: xia zhi