perkins + will unveils southern california ‘camp lakota’ masterplan

american architecture firm perkins + will has completed projects across the globe and at a wide range of scales.

the group has unveiled such projects as a technical building for a canadian university, a tropical home in são paulo, a proposed timber chicago skyscraper, and two major museums in china.


perkins will camp lakota
all images courtesy of perkins + will

while the project is designed to be both practical and contemporary, perkins + will demonstrates an influence from traditional california cabin design with timber A-frame construction. each cabin is comprised of just 15 panels of cross-laminated timber which provide structure, insulation, and interior finishes. the material is designed to be flat-packed for ease of transport and minimal environmental impact. each structure covers 230 square feet and can by assembled on-site at a rate of two per day. the dining hall will be clad in photovoltaic paneling and, along with the cabins, will be naturally ventilated.

perkins will camp lakotaperkins will camp lakotaperkins will camp lakotaperkins will camp lakota