schemata architects creates ‘soft beige mirage’ inside aesop store in japan

a fiberglass wall creates the illusion of a ‘soft beige mirage’ inside this aesop store in osaka, japan. designed by schemata architects, the retail interior uses a variety of materials and textures to give depth to the mono-colored space.

schemata architects creates 'soft beige mirage' inside aesop store in japan

images courtesy of schemata architects / jo nagasaka



schemata, who also designed aesop‘s first store in japan, uses blond bricks to form the central counter, around which birch-lined avenues allow for easy movement and flow. two large birch and brass basins accommodate comfortable encounters. brass pipes descend from the ceiling, outlining the flow of water.

schemata architects creates 'soft beige mirage' inside aesop store in japan



‘we considered which color would both contrast and highlight aesop’s amber bottles in the most beautiful way, then came up with the idea of using only beige,’ the architects explain.


located inside the city’s train station, schemata wanted to create space that offered a break from the glossy textures used elsewhere in the building. once inside, visitors to the store will begin to notice the variety of materials and textures.



‘we focused on providing customers enjoyable and stress-free shopping experiences in the new store,’ schemata adds. ‘we reviewed the ratio between the number of sinks and the number of pos to facilitate the flow of customers.


‘the main counter is in the middle of the selling area so that customers who are waiting for the next cashier can make a queue around it without disturbing the area.’




project info


architects: schemata architects / jo nagasaka
title: aesop lucua 1100
design: tsune nagasaka / schema architectural planning
responsible: kohei hayashi
location: 3-1-3 umeda kita-ku, osaka lukuaire 3f
main application: cosmetic shop
construction: d- blane co., ltd.
cooperation: branch lighting design (lighting plan)
total floor area: 102.51㎡
completion: may 2019
photo: kenta hasegawa

kieron marchese I designboom

oct 30, 2019