versatile SIMES brick light brightens up any architectural project

with the SIMES ‘brick light’, light becomes architecture itself. the luminaire revolutionizes the structural material by replicating and bettering its versatile, economical, robust, refractory and aesthetic characteristics.

the result brings a new materiality to the shape of a brick, one that literally lights up a project.


all images courtesy of simes

with five exposed faces with ice-etched finishes, SIMES ‘brick light’ aims to be decorative as well as structural. its molding method creates a rugged aesthetic that deliberately looks imperfect as a result of its craftsmanship, much like a typical exposed brick. with perfect modularity, the design easily interlocks to ensure it fits with the regular building construction.

as well as camouflaging with the aesthetic and form of the bricks, the lighting design actually offers better maintenance and resistance levels. it is capable of bearing almost double the load capacity as a normal brick (100N), whilst the light quality LED light inside transmits for an average duration between 30,000 and 100,000 hours.

by being shaped to the same dimensions, the ‘brick light’ follows the similar mode of handling, assembly and installation. their form fits perfectly integrated into walls no matter whether exposed on exterior or interior surfaces; flush with walls, recessed or protruding; and either at the center of structures or at an edge. when fitted, the design comes pre-wired with a cable of five meters.

the brick light project uses the brick for its geometrical, basic form and solid glass for its transparency, reflection and diffusion. brick light composes there features around the new opportunities provided by electronics and LED technology,’ explains architect paolo pizzatto. bringing new possibilities to architectural projects, the SIMES ‘brick light’ modernizes the brick.